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  Specializing in Interventional Radiology Billing

Specializing in Vascular & Interventional Radiology Billing

How We Maximize Your Reimbursements

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Are you sure you are maximizing your reimbursement for Interventional Radiology Services?

Have you audited your records recently and compared how you coded your cases to how you were actually paid for them?

Are you aware that many insurers can typically deny or incorrectly pay 20-25% of all Interventional Radiology codes submitted?

Are you aware that many insurers are requiring that claims be submitted within 90 days from the date of service or face non-payment for services provided?

Our Interventional Radiology clients unfortunately learned that the hard way. Now established clients of Mentor, they are highly satisfied with our services.

It is highly likely that if your group is involved in a radiology practice with a focus on traditional diagnostic imaging procedures, you are not maximizing reimbursement in Interventional Radiology.

MENTOR MEDICAL MANAGEMENT has been successful in maximizing reimbursements in this specialty with aggressive Accounts Receivable Management and significantly reducing Days Sales Outstanding to well below the national average.

Protect your financial future by taking advantage of what Mentor Medical Management has to offer your practice.

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