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How We Maximize Your Reimbursements

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When it comes to maximizing reimbursements for Minimally Invasive Surgery, we at Mentor possess hands-on experience and knowledge unlike anyone else in the industry. We offer a variety of services and plans to accommodate most budgets serving everyone from a sole practitioner to a large group practice. We can also customize a billing services agreement and accounts receivable strategy to help you maximize your bottom line.

Maximize Reimbursements by:
  • Assessing current fee structures, Accounts Receivable and payment history and determine areas for improvement
  • Recovering lost revenue due to prior billing errors
  • Pursuing inaccurate third party account reconciliations and denials
  • Negotiating with third party payers to identify the most beneficial contract
  • Challenging inequitable reimbursements and reversing previous denials
  • Allowing the physician to concentrate on patient care, not on billing issues

    Comprehensive Compliance Program
    The HHS-OIG Compliance Program Guidelines for individual and small group Physician practices requires that an effective compliance program "strengthen the effort of health care providers to prevent and reduce improper conduct". Mentor has established a compliance program in an effort to ensure the appropriateness of all claims filed on behalf of our clients. Mentor is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

    Turnkey Operations\Seamless Transition
    Proven track record of providing smooth transitions from current billing systems to Mentor's state of the art streamlined process.

    Expert Accounts Receivable Management
  • Claims are filed within 1-2 business days
  • Electronic claims submission and remittance capabilities
  • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is far below industry standard due to Mentor's innovative collections process

    Information System
  • Emdeon (formerly WebMD) hardware and software support
  • Most widely used physician practice management software in the nation with over 125,000 users nationwide

    System Capabilities
  • Standard and customized financial reporting
  • Stores insurer fee schedules, contractual arrangements, capitated contract provisions
  • Electronic claims submission and remittance
  • Automatically calculates adjustments, patient co-payments, and can immediately identify inequitable payment levels
  • Contains a flexible collections module
  • HIPAA Compliance is ensured for all aspects of billing and A/R management services

    Consulting Services
  • Mentor offers a variety of expert consulting services in the following areas:
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting
  • Practice cost/benefit analysis
  • Employee benefit program evaluation, planning and implementation
  • Financial reporting
  • Payroll services
  • Vendor evaluation and contracting
  • Complete human resource capabilities

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