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Complete Billing & Accounts Receivable Management for Minimally Invasive Surgery

MENTOR MEDICAL MANAGEMENT is a professional physician billing and administrative services company dedicated to the practice of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. The principals of the company possess a combined 35+ years of experience in Radiology Practice Administration. With this experience, we have become experts in addressing the unique reimbursement issues facing Vascular and Interventional Radiologists in today's environment.

Mentor Medical Management Client Services
  • Maximize revenue
  • Guaranteed cash flow during billing system transition
  • Turnkey billing operation/seamless transition
  • State of the art billing system
  • Complete accounts receivable management
  • Expert CPT and ICD-9 coding knowledge
  • Comprehensive, customized financial reporting
  • Fee and Contract evaluation and negotiation
  • Comprehensive Compliance Program

  • Whether you are a sole practitioner or a large group practice, MENTOR will customize a proposal to provide you with Comprehensive Billing Services and Accounts Receivable Management Solutions.

    “As physicians, you are the experts in Minimally Invasive Surgery. As a specialized physician billing company, we at Mentor are the experts in billing appropriately and maximizing reimbursement for these procedures.”

    We are staffed with Physician Consultants who are CAQ accredited Interventional Radiologists with expert coding and reimbursement knowledge. Familiar with the frustrations of trying to operate a successful business while practicing medicine, we are interested in providing you with a billing operation that allows for a smooth, seamless, and painless transition. We are results and bottom-lined oriented.

    With continuing decreases in reimbursement and continued increases in third party payer coding and billing compliance scrutiny, your group must appropriately capture all reimbursements you have earned. The industry collections rate average is estimated to be between 50% - 70%. Mentor averages above 95%. As a specialized physician billing company, we at Mentor are the experts in billing appropriately and maximizing your revenues.

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